Stainless Steel Dog Feeding Bowls Small Medium Large Dogs Adjustable Anti Spill Dog Bowl

Model Number :PB02MKW
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  • One Bowl for Multiple Uses - The dog bowl has four use ways to use, thereby meeting multiple demands of you and your dog. Besides, the dog feeder with the capacity of 68 oz is suitable for medium and large dogs, and it is detachable for easy cleaning and refilling.
  • Double Bowls - The food and water bowls are designed with double bowls, one for food, and the other for water, so that your dog can eat food and also drink water. It is particularly suitable for a household with several pets.
  • Slow Feeder - The slow feeder can slow down eating of your pet, which can extend your pets’ eating time, help reduce overeating and protect the digestion system of your dog.
  • Elevated Dog Bowl - The two bowls can be stacked up to form an elevated dog bowl, thereby allowing your dog to eat food at a comfortable angle and relieving pressure of joints or the neck of your dog. It is suitable for older dogs or dogs with muscle or joint problems.
  • Keep Cold or Warm - The dog food and water bowl can keep water cold and warm. In hot summer, you can put ice cubes in a bowl at the bottom and fill the bowl above with drinking water, so that your dog can drink cool water. In winter, you can fill the bowl at the bottom with warm water and add food to the bowl above, and the Magic Bowl can keep the food inside warm.

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