Term of Service

1. Services provided by this site: This site provides OEM and ODM pet supplies for customers, mainly including pet feeders, water fountains, outdoor products, household products, toys, etc.

2. Payment terms: Customers placing orders on this site must pay the agreed deposit and pay the remaining balance within the agreed working days, otherwise the order is considered invalid.

3. Delivery period: According to the actual situation of customers, we will try our best to complete the delivery within the agreed period, if there is any delay, we will promptly notify customers.

4. Quality assurance: Our products are made of high quality raw materials and manufactured in strict accordance with national quality standards, we insist on quality first and guarantee to provide high quality products.

5. After-sales service: We guarantee free replacement or repair for problems caused by quality within three months from the date of delivery.

6. Privacy Policy: We guarantee to protect users' personal information and will not disclose it to third parties in any form.

7.Other matters: This site reserves the right to modify Term of Service at any time, and any changes will be announced on the website without notice.