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Apr 11, 2023
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  • Why Visit the PAWAii Stand?
  • About PAWAii
The Global Pet Expo 2023 was held at the Orange Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, and PAWAii was invited to take part. The Global Pet Expo event is the preeminent pet products industry gathering, featuring top brands in attendance. It is presented by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA).

Why Visit the PAWAii Stand?

As a pioneering manufacturer of pet products, PAWAii has steadily established a stellar image. The company has released innovative, dependable, and pet-friendly goods over the years that have enhanced the quality of life for both pets and their owners. With products that offer the most benefit for both pets and their owners, PAWAii has repeatedly shown its dedication to improving the lives of our furry companions. The offerings range from pet water fountains to pet beds, pet feeders, and pet carriers.
exhibition visitors showing great interest in PAWAii
This expo provided a great opportunity to experience the best of PAWAii’s new and existing goods, including the most cutting-edge innovations. Some of the brand’s most popular products, which have received positive reviews from consumers, industry experts, and influencers, were on exhibit. The PAWAii dog harness, PAWAii stainless-steel dog bowl, PAWAii versatile dog bowl, PAWAii pet feeder, and PAWAii x Waterdrop pet water fountain are just a few of the many items showed on exhibit.
PAWAii pet water fountain
The PAWAii x Waterdrop Mobile Smart Pet Water Fountain is the world’s first NSF-certified smart water fountain. Pets are shielded from the dangers of tainted water by a multi-stage deep filtering system powered by the NSF-certified filter. With this fountain, pet owners who are unsure of the water quality their pets consume will have one less concern. The built-in smart weighing module guarantees precise monitoring of the water intake by your pets.
PAWAii pet water fountain and feeder
The PAWAii smart pet feeder comes with a proprietary app that continuously tracks the feeding state of pets. It is intended to assist owners in staying informed about the health status of their dogs whenever and wherever they are. The feeder also includes intelligent weighing modules that provide precise information on how long, how much, and how frequently the pet is consuming. The PAWAii APP makes all of these available at any moment and from any location. To monitor your pet's health, you can also compare intake statistics on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.
visitors checking pawaii products
Also on display was the PAWAii dog harness - an adjustable, comfortable, and skin-friendly dog harness with an exclusive ID tag that ensures your dog is reunited with you quickly in the event of a loss. You can also check out the PAWAii stainless-steel dog bowl, made of 304 stainless steel that makes feeding fun. There is also the PAWAii versatile dog bowl designed for multiple demands of you and your dog and suitable for medium and large dogs.

About PAWAii

As a brand, PAWAii is passionate about the well-being of pets and their families. The company centers all of its efforts on pets and their families because they think that adorable furry babies should have the best possible lives.
PAWAii pet products
Every product PAWAii releases is created with care and comfort for the ideal pet lifestyle with the goal of assisting families all over the world in gaining special emotional experiences of close interaction between pets and people.
In addition to showcasing its exciting products and attracting new customers at the exhibition, PAWAii will also be seeking to garner even more information and recommendation from users to improve its design and production processes in the future.
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